Tiny Futbollers

U4 - U8 (2015 - 2011)

U4 - U5 Level (2016 - 2015)

At this age, we concentrate on giving each player a lot of attention. We want them to love the game and be comfortable with the ball. At this age, their motor skills are not fully developed; therefore, we use ‘one ball, one player’ training. During our training sessions, we focus on running, jumping, kicking, etc. There is very minimal tactical training at this age, as our primary objective is individual contact with the ball. 

U6 - U8 Level (2014 - 2012)

At this age, we continue using the same types of methods as the earlier age group; however, we now implement more drills that relate to a real game. Players become more aware of the rules and how to play the game. It is at this age that we drive the children to learn the basic skills such as trapping and rolling the ball with the sole of their shoe, receiving the ball with the inside of the foot, and striking the ball.   


2019 - 2020

Begins May 6th, 2019 

Apply in person at ISOL North Charleston

3337 Business Circle, 

North Charleston, 29418

For more information 843-471-3373